San Francisco Kimono Day

San Francisco Japantown Kimono Day

Cancellation Announcement

We hope you have been staying healthy during this challenging time.
We would like to express our appreciation to medical workers and
those whose work is essential to our safety and livelihood.
We are taking precautions and decided to
cancel our Japantown Kimono Day scheduled for May 10th.

Date for next Kimono day including a kimono fashion show
is undetermined.
All Kimono Day staff will be looking forward to meeting with you
once this health crisis is contained.
Until then, please stay healthy and be safe!

For questions, please contact us at sfkimonoday@gmail.com.

Japantown Kimono Day
2nd Sundays, every other month (subject to change)
Blog (J) http://sfkimonoday.blog92.fc2.com/
Blog (E) http://sfkimonodayen.blog132.fc2.com/
Facebook http://facebook.com/SanFranciscoKimonoDay/


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