San Francisco Kimono Day

San Francisco Japantown Kimono Day

The 15th SF Japantown Kimono Day - Report

The 15th SF Japantown Kimono Day

The kimono day staff jazzed up kimono accessories for the first time attendee so she could wear her kimono, and it worked! We received a positive comment from her that she enjoyed her kimono all day. Another attendee came in an obi made by herself. We are very happy to see that people are enjoying kimono in all different ways.

Harupin group performed their dancing. Ensouza group entertained their dancing with shamisen, taiko, and shakuhachi.Rinka group performed some beautiful Japanese traditional dancing.

We also raised $220 for Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund. The fund was deposited to San Francisco Consul General of Japan's account.

Japan's recovery from the earthquake and tsunami would be a long term. As Kimono Day, we would like to continue our effort in helping Japan.

The next Kimono Day will be Sunday, July 10. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.



We received a thank you letter from SF Consul General of Japan, for the donation to Earthquake and Tsunami Relief made on March 13th Kimono Day. This is an image of the letter.
Thank you letter from Consul-General of Japan


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