San Francisco Kimono Day

San Francisco Japantown Kimono Day

San Francisco Osaka Matsuri 2018

SF Kimono Day participated Osaka Matsuri and served the rented and put Yukata.

Osaka Matsuri


  1. 2018/10/21(日) 21:06:35|
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Come dance with the Awa Dance Festival Group of San Francisco!

What is Awa Dance?
Awa Dance, or "Awaodori," is one of the most wellknown
Japanese traditional dances. It
originated in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, and has 400 years of history. Awaodori includes
dancers and musicians that perform with traditional costumes and instruments.

Public Performance: April 20th, 2014
We're going to join the grand parade of the
Cherry Blossom Festival, and then perform at the Peace Plaza in Japantown.
If you are interested in traditional dance and instruments, please join us. Beginners are welcome!

◆ Practice
Place: YamaSho Restaurant
1161 Post St., San Francisco
Time : Second and fourth Sundays
of every month from 1 PM - 3PM

◆ Contact
Association of people from Tokushima Prefecture, NorCal Awaodori Group
Organizer: Rimiko Berreman
Email: ncal.awakko@gmail.com
Blog : http://bayarea-awakko.blogspot.com

  1. 2014/01/16(木) 17:28:37|
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Kimono Demonstration -Discover the Magic of Kimono-


Please come see our Demonstration wearing your KIMONO!

  1. 2012/01/23(月) 21:02:07|
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